Silk Browser to the PJ Masks Rescue

Published January 7, 2018

The other day, Silk became a temporary replacement for Terrarium TV. Actually, it saved the day for me and my grandson. Thanks to Silk, he was able to watch his favorite cartoon, PJ Masks, while grandma contacted IPVanish regarding a “too many login attempts” error message.

Watch PJ Masks in Silk Browser

The IPVanish Problem

Apparently, someone has been attempting to log in to my IPVanish account. The first time IPVanish locked me out because of too many login attempts, really surprised me. Anyone using IPVanish knows that the username and password remain set in the program unless you log out. I don’t make it a habit of logging out because my family uses it too frequently. Also, I have a ridiculously long username and password so it’s much easier to remain logged in.

To regain access to my account I could either wait 12 hours for it to automatically reset or I could contact IPVanish. Guess which option I chose? After I verified my IP address, username and last 4 digits of the credit card used for the service, the customer support representative reset the password. That was great, I was good to go until it happened again 7 days later.

Either someone really believes my username is theirs or they were attempting access my account without my permission. This second go ‘round I jumped through the IPVanish hoops again and regained access. When it happened a third time I figured it was time to change my username (which I did). After changing my username, I haven’t had any more problems.

Back to Silk and PJ Masks

My young grandson really didn't care about my IPVanish problems. He didn’t even care if Terrariumtv was a viewing option or not. All he wanted to do was watch PJ Masks and something was getting in the way of that. Silk made it easy for me to bridge the gap until I could get IPVanish back up and running to use Terrariumtv.

I opened the Silk browser and did a quick Bing search (Silk’s default search engine is Bing) and I was able to find a few episodes of his show. By the way, I'm also glad I had the Rii8 mini keyboard. Doing a Bing search with a mini-keyboard is so much easier than attempting a search using the Amazon Fire Stick remote.

After my grandson and I did our Gecko, Cat Boy, Owlette dance together (you gotta check out the theme song for the show), PJ Masks kept him entertained just long enough to allow me to make his almond flour pancakes, crispy bacon and cup of “coffee.” Yes, we sip coffee together. Mine is real coffee, his is carob powder with a bunch of hidden healthy stuff.

IPVanish, Silk and Amazon Fire TV Stick

This sure is a far cry from when my kids were young. They grew up with VHS, Barney and Big Comfy Couch. If their favorite VHS tape got chewed up by the VCR machine, there were no substitutes for the favorite show. They had to learn to like another “favorite show.” My grandson, on the other hand, can watch his favorite show at any time on any device.

While it does makes things convenient when preparing breakfast, technology shouldn’t be a full-time babysitter. As a grandma, if I decide to sit in front of the tv all day and while away the day (which I wouldn’t dream of doing), it’s ok. It’s a whole different story for kids. Plopping a child in front of the TV all day leads to less than optimal results.

As tough as it was, we put on every piece of clothing we owned (it’s pretty cold out) and went outside. When his nose turned bright red and he was about to fall asleep as he walked, I knew it was time to go back home. Technology is great, but it’s no match for a nature walk in the cold fresh air when it comes to keeping a child entertained (and tiring him out).

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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  • Naomi January 7, 2018, 12:12 pm

    Hi Felicia! I totally agree with you about limiting TV time for young ones. My twin grandsons are almost 8 months old and TV time is reserved as a last resort when witching hour arrives before their baths. Hope your IP vanish problems have been solved. I just loaded it to my firestick last week and feel more secure with terrarium tv. Enjoying binging on my favorites without commercials. Beats a DVR! Stay warm Where are you located? I’m in New York but actually vacationing in Florida at the moment. I really enjoy your blog! I’m the techie in my family and my brother was the one who led me to terrarium tv. Take my firestick with me everywhere now. Have a great day!

    • Low Tech Grandma January 7, 2018, 12:55 pm

      Hey Naomi! I’m a fellow New Yorker. It’s freezing up here. I’m jealous that you’re in Florida, although Florida had a pretty cold spell also.

      8-Month old twin grandsons, you get twice the joy at one time! That must be fun!

      You really can’t beat Terrarium’s portability. The fact that you can take your Fire Stick with you and not miss a beat is great! Much different from back in the day.

      Enjoy your time in “warm” Florida! 🙂

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