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The days of black and white TVs with rabbit ears are long goneā€”no more snowy pictures or limited channels (channels 2 through 13). VCRs and VHSs are defunct. Black and White TVLet's face it; folks aren't using digital recorders much anymore. Why bother? Everything is always available. Streaming services and cable are the way to go. What a significant transition during my lifetime.

Below are articles chronicling my journey into streaming and current television viewing methods.

Date PublishedArticle Title
December 1, 2023Amazon Firestick: Rearrange Home Screen App Order
November 29, 2023PlayStation 5 On My Mind
December 10, 2021How to Access Your Playstation Console Remotely
October 30, 2020Grandma Expands the Storage on Her Amazon Fire TV
Septpember 6, 2020Grandma Reviews the Wowoto Smart Projector
Septembeer 1, 2020Grandma Reviews the Vamvo Mini Projector
August 25, 2020Grandma Reviews the Cinemango 100 Projector
August 19, 2020Grandma Reviews the TOUMEI Mini Projector
January 23, 2020Speed Up Your Firestick by Closing Background Apps
January 7, 2020Amazon Fire TV, Hulu Black Screen and Rabbit Holes
December 11, 2019Roku TV vs. Amazon Firestick
November 19, 2019Grandma's Playstation Vue to Hulu Transition
January 7, 2018Silk Browser to the PJ Masks Rescue
December 8, 2017 Silk Web Browser for the Amazon Fire TV Stick
December 2, 2017Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard and Amazon Fire TV Stick
September 12, 2017How to Navigate Around Google Chrome on Amazon Fire TV Stick
September 12, 2017How to Install Chrome on the Amazon Firestick
August 11, 2017Why I Chose IPVanish as My VPN
August 2, 2017How to Jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick
February 5, 2015Samsung TV On/Off Chimes: Here's How to Silence Them

Last Modified: 1 December 2023

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