Transitioning from Microsoft to Android

Published December 5, 2013

I’ve been having a plethora of MMAE moments. What is MMAE you ask? Simple, it’s having a Microsoft Mindset in an Android Environment moment. If you were raised on Microsoft and are transitioning to Android, you’re familiar with such moments. Your first moment was probably like mine, looking for the little “x” to close out an application.

Since then I’ve had a host of MMAE moments and I use the word moment loosely. Actually, these MMAE moments last for about a half hour (or longer if I become real stubborn). Here’s just one example of my most recent MMAE moment.

The MMAE Back Drop

In testing out my new Samsung Galaxy tablet’s capabilities, I wanted to see if I could write an entire post on the tablet and upload it to my website. I wrote the post, captured the images, formatted the article properly, but had a bit of a time editing the images on the tablet screen (still have quite a bit of adapting and learning to do).

After spending a bit too much time attempting to properly edit the images, I realized I had better transfer the image to my laptop if I wanted to finish the post before the day was out. Fortunately, I have both Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to make the transfer easy (or so I thought).

Here Comes the MMAE Moment (or longer)


Thinking all I had to do was drag and drop the images and text into either my Dropbox or Google Drive folder, I set out looking for the folder. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how such a small device could misplace the drive icons for my virtual drives.

At first, it was an adventure. After all, how will I learn the functions of my brand new tablet if I don’t explore? The adventure eventually turned to annoyance. Where the heck are those darned icons?

Not finding them I decided to open each of the files and do a “Save As” to save the files to the appropriate cloud drive. Simple right? Well, not so. Not only did I not have the option to “Save As” to the directory, but when I did finally get a “Save As” option, the Google Drive or Dropbox directories were nowhere to be found.

Now my adventure/annoyance was turning into anger. How in the world can I have two virtual drives totaling in excess of 65GB of space and I can’t put a few measly files in it! Along with anger comes stubbornness. Too stubborn to look online for the answer.  I just knew I would find the answer if I approached this logically. It’s got to be right in front of me!Android

Seeing the Light

When I found myself grabbing the Samsung Galaxy Tablet with undue pressure backed by the desire to fling it out of the nearest window I realized I needed to stop and regroup. “Low-tech Grandma (aka Feliciasaurus),” I said to myself. “What will you write about if you toss your device out of an unopened window?” That and the thought of having to replace both the device and the window knocked some sense into me.

Online I went to find the answer. OK, are you ready for this? Low-tech Grandma is no longer in Microsoftland; she’s in Androidland. In Androidland you don’t drag and drop your files, you “Share” them.  Instead of the Save As folder, I should have been looking for a sideways V with knobs at each point to “share” my files with myself via the cloud drives.  The share icons were sitting there as plain as day!

Save As vs Share

This is just the beginning of many MMAE moments. One thing I did learn, however, is not to waste my time trying to figure it out on my own. There’s a vast Internet out there with plenty of folks who have been through what I’m going through. Why not tap on their knowledge and experience. And to think that I've fussed at my kids about doing things the hard way. Go figure!

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.

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