Mobile Technology

Here are a listing of articles where I share my successes, failures and frustrations with mobile technology

February 18, 2023Repurposing an Old Amazon Fire Tablet
September 14, 2020Grandma Reviews Zissu's Portable Monitor
April 5, 2020COVID-19 Working from Home and Google Mesh WiFi
April 21, 2019My Amazon Fire HD Tablet Stopped Charging
January 14, 2019Blokada - The Android Ad Blocker
December 17, 2018Libby App - Listen to Audiobooks for Free
December 3, 2018Grandma Bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
January 23, 2018Internet Speed - How Much Do You Really Need?
August 25, 2016International Travel, Consumer Cellular and Facebook Messenger
December 5, 2013Transitioning from Microsoft to Android
December 3, 2013How to Access and Clear the Android Clipboard
November 23, 2013How to Disable Verizon Wireless Balance Notifications
April 23, 2013Cell Phone Radiation

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