How to Convert the Evenflo Exersaucer into Stage 3

Published March 11, 2016

I purchased the Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Activity Center for my grandson a few months ago. It’s a wonderful little entertainment system. What I really liked about it was its ability to evolve as the baby’s motor skills improve.

Stage 3 Evenflo Exersaucer

We’re at the point where my grandson is just about walking and I thought it was a great time to bump up the Exersaucer to stage 3. With stage three, the seat comes out, the saucer goes away and the entertainment system takes on an S shape that allows the baby to walk along and play with the various toys at each station. Only one problem...I lost the instructions on how to convert the Evenflo Exersaucer to stage 3.

Internet Not to the Rescue

Figuring I could find anything on the internet, I did a Google search for “instructions on how to convert Evenflo Exersaucer to stage 3” and various iterations of those terms. I found nothing useful.  After being disappointed at the lack of instruction, I figured it was time for me to put on my Low-Tech Grandma Cap and figure this thing out. After all, back in the old days, that’s how we got things done. We didn’t have the benefit of the Internet. After putting on my cap, here are the instructions I came up with.

Converting the Evenflo Exersaucer from Stage 2 to Stage 3

  1. Remove all of the activities. If you’ve taken the Exersaucer from stage 1 to stage 2, you’re familiar with taking off and replacing the various toys from the top of the Exersaucer. If you’re not familiar with taking the toys off, remember the word “Pinch.” With the Evenflo Exersaucer, you have to look for two tabs on each toy and pinch the tabs together. Pinching and pulling up releases the toy from the Exersaucer. The larger toys are affixed using velcro. Look underneath the play table and unfasten the velcro strips to remove the larger, battery-operated toys.

  2. Turn the Exersaucer upside down. For cleanliness purposes, I placed a blanket on the floor before turning the Exersaucer upside down. Once upside down it's time to work on removing the saucer base.

  3. Line up the leg guide to the notch in the base of the exersaucer. Once upside down you’ll note there are three tabs at the bottom of each leg. One of the tabs has a perpendicular plastic guide. Before you can remove the leg from the saucer, that plastic guide has to line up perfectly with the notch in the saucer base.
  4. Guide and Notch

  5. Pinch and tug. Here’s where you get to perfect your pinching skills. You’ve got to pinch all three tabs and gently pull them to release them from the saucer base. I’ve found that it also works by pinching and pushing two of the tabs. Once they’re below the opening, it’s easy to pinch and push the third tab.

  6. Wash, rinse and repeat. Do the same for the other four legs until all legs are no longer attached to the saucer bottom.

  7. After the saucer is removed, look for the two points of separation. These are the two connecting joints for the circular play table. Once you’ve located them, it’s all about pinching and pulling.
    Separation Points
    The two protruding plastic pieces at the separation points are pinchable, so get to pinching. Pinch both tabs and simultaneously push the tabs down through the hexagonal holes.
    Pinch and Push
    Once through the holes, you can separate the two tabletop pieces. Make sure to do this at both separation points. When you’re done, you’ll have two separate semi-circle pieces. By the way, when you separate the pieces, the seat naturally comes off.

  8. You’re almost done. Now get the two end pieces that came with the exersaucer. Place them in the middle of the circle to make it easier to see where they should fit. Below is a short video of an easy way to determine what goes where. Unfortunately, the video came out rather muffled so I'm also inserting a photo to help you determine which end piece goes where.
  9. Matching the Ends

  10. After attaching the end pieces all you need to do is slide the semi-circular tabletop into place to form the S shape. Once in place fasten the remaining tabs into the hexagonal holes. Make sure the tabs are securely snapped into place.

  11. Now that the play table is in the stage 3 S shape, it’s time to lock the legs in place. Grab ahold of a leg and rotate it towards the locking mechanism. You might have to pull out the locking mechanism's lever in order to turn the leg completely. Once the locking mechanism is lined up with the lever, release the lever to lock the leg in place.[video width="400" height="226" mp4=""][/video] Wash, rinse and repeat until all four legs are locked.

  12. After locking the legs in place turn the play table over, affix the toys to the table and you’re all done.

Words of Caution:

  • Please be aware there is a recall on the Evenflo Exersaucer. According to the Evenflo website, there have been 11 reports of the end piece being dislodged and thus causing minor injuries. Please visit the Evenflo website for details of the recall and to order a replacement end piece.

  • Don’t convert the Evenflo Exersaucer to stage 3 until after your baby is able to walk. The Exersaucer in stage 3 is not stable enough for babies who are still in the cruising stage.

  • Although the play table ends have rounded corners, they can be dangerous for little ones who are not yet steady on their feet. In my opinion, the corners should have been rounded more.

  • The levers for locking the legs protrude from underneath the play area. Exploring hands might be able to pull the lever and inadvertently unlock the legs. Make sure to periodically check the legs to ensure they’re still in the locked position.
January 2017 Update:

Unfortunately, I'm unable to answer any additional questions on the Evenflo Exersaucer since my grandson has outgrown it and we've given it away.  Not wanting to rely on memory (because at my age that's not a sure bet), I've closed the comment section since I cannot add any further information.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

Last Modified: 13 August 2023


  • Tamara August 12, 2016, 2:39 pm

    Thank you. I was trying to find instructions online on this and was only able to find reviews of the toy. Thank you thank you! Able to convert it to stage 3 with ease because of you

    • Low Tech Grandma August 12, 2016, 5:06 pm

      Hi Tamara,

      I’m glad it worked for you

  • Casey June 10, 2016, 9:00 pm


    You should not need to remove the base of the feet from the saucer. If you separate the top and bottom portions of the leg, then you can release the bottom leg 90degrees and pull to remove from leg base. The table is much safer this way.

    • Low Tech Grandma June 13, 2016, 4:58 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Casey. That should prove to be useful. My grandson already out grew his Exersaucer so I’ve given it away. Hopefully the tip will help others.

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