Platronics Audio 995 Wireless Headset

Published May 9, 2011

I use Dragon Deluxe NaturallySpeaking software to dictate a lot of my work. In order for the software to hear my instructions and dictation, I’ve got to use a compatible headset. I’ve used both the Logitech and Microsoft LifeChat USB wired headset in the past. They both had their pros and cons, but one thing they had in common was they were wired and I had to stay close to the computer. Platronics-Audio-955 Wanting the freedom of being able to walk away from the computer, I decided to get a wireless headset. I seem to dictate better when I pace back and forth. The headset that I chose was the Platronics Audio 995 Wireless headset.

Platronics Audio 995 Features

Since I only use it for dictating, my biggest concern was its compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. After I plugged in the wireless USB receiver, paired the headset with the USB transmitter and charged the headset, I gave it a try with NaturallySpeaking. I've got to say that I was very impressed with NaturallySpeaking’s ability to accurately pick up my speech through the Plantronics wireless headset.

Wireless Headset Range

After confirming the Platronics headset actually worked with the software, I decided to walk and talk. According to the instructions, the headset has a 40-foot range. I cannot say for sure whether or not I walked 40 feet away but I did walk from one side of the house to the other without incident. I read somewhere that you should deduct 10 feet for every wall that stands between you and the USB receiver.

Since I use it with a laptop, if I find I'm having a problem by wandering too far away from my base, I could always move the laptop little bit closer to where I'm pacing.

Platronics Audio 995 Volume Controls

Similar to my old Logitech H530 headset, the volume controls are located on the outer side of the left earpiece. For those who use it to listen to music and other audio devices, there's a fast-forward, rewind and pause controls too.

The microphone is connected to the left earpiece. What I like about the Plantronics wireless headset is that if I want to mute the microphone all I have to do is pivot the microphone arm up. This is especially convenient during hayfever season when dictating between sneezes.

Finding a Deal on the Platronics Audio 995

Platronics Audio 995

I found quite a cost range differential when searching for the Platronics wireless headset. I checked the local Staples store and they were selling the wireless headset for $84.99. A few other stores had them for similar prices.

After checking local stores I went on Amazon. Amazon was selling the headset for $59.99 (the Platronics headset qualified for free shipping). Since my current headset worked just fine, I wasn’t in a rush to receive my new wireless headset so I decided to order it through Amazon. I received the headset a week later.

Preparing Headset for Initial Use

When you first get the Platronics headset you have to charge it. It takes about 2 to 4 hours to fully charge. The headset charges through a USB connection (USB wire included). Once it's charged, pair it with the USB transmitter. Pairing is simple as pressing a button on the headset in addition to a button on the transmitter. Once paired the blue indicator lights will remain steady. If they continue to flash, go through the pairing procedure again until the blue light remains steady.

Platronics Audio 995 Battery Life

Rumor has it the headset battery life is 8 hours. Since I haven’t had the headset for very long, I have yet to recharge it. I bought the headset to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it handles the task beautifully. So far I give the Platronics Audio 995 wireless headset two thumbs up.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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