iClever BK03 Portable Keyboard Review

Published October 25, 2023

I've tried and purchased several portable keyboards. Some of them I use, and others I return. The thing about keyboards is that you don't look around for another when you're satisfied with one. However, when you're not 100% satisfied, your eyes and fingers always wander to the next and hopefully perfect keyboard.

Well, I can't say the iClever BK03 (affiliate link) portable keyboard is perfect, but it is very close as far as portable keyboards go. I've written about several portable keyboards and thought they were "the one," but later found I had to modify my typing style to accommodate the keyboard. That didn't make sense. I'm too old and have been typing for too many years to change how I type.

My Collection of Keyboards

iClever Keyboards – I Have Several

I have other iClever keyboards, and what I like about them is they have a satisfying typing feel. Some portable keyboards are tinny and have no tactile satisfaction. I understand that typing satisfaction on a portable keyboard is hard to come by. However, iClever does a nice job of imitating the tactile feel on larger keyboards.

In addition to the nice feel, the keys are properly placed. At least on their model BK03, the keys are in the right spot. Not so with the iClever BK08, which is a keyboard and mousepad combo. There were a few keys in the wrong place. The feel was great, but the incorrectly placed keys were a deal breaker. I got tired of hitting the Enter key whenever I tried to type an apostrophe.

BK03 vs BK08

Back in the old days, the worst thing that would happen with an errant Enter key was starting a new line for typing. Nowadays, hitting Enter (aka Return) can send an unfinished or unedited text. Not what I wanted to do.

Arteck - Yet another Portable

After the Enter key scenario, I tried the Arteck portable keyboard (not an iClever product). The keyboard worked well except for the Ctrl, Win, and Alt keys. They were confusing. It took too much time and practice to see how each key responded. Since I use more than one keyboard in any given week (a full-sized one for my Mac and a portable one when traveling), I want the keys on all my keyboards to respond the same.

Back to the iClever BK03

One of my readers (thanks Rob) turned me on to the iClever BK03. I wrote a post complaining about the Arteck Mini Keyboard, and he was gracious enough to share info about the BK03 keyboard with me. I immediately put it in my Amazon shopping cart (a bad habit of mine) and bought it.

I like the iClever BK03 portable keyboard. It satisfies all of my portable typing needs. Finally, I'll stop looking for and buying additional portable keyboards.

iClever BK03 Minor Issue

The one minor issue I have with the keyboard is the Backspace key. The key replaces the delete key and is located on the top row. My fingers have grown accustomed to having the backspace on the row below the delete key. On the iClever portable keyboards, the Backspace is located on the top row. As such, my pinky must extend just a bit further to hit it (and I need to use it often). Instead of hitting the backspace, I tend to hit the \ | key.

Backspace Keys

As I said, it's a minor issue and an easy fix. At least I'm not pressing the Enter key and sending unfinished and unchecked correspondence into the cyberworld.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

Last Modified: 25 October 2023

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