Cyber Acoustic Headset Model AC-201

Published December 16, 2010

I purchased a Cyber Acoustic headset (AC-201) after my old Logitech headset died. Because I didn't need it for anything spectacular, I looked for an inexpensive headset to plug into my digital voice recorder. You see, I use voice recognition software that translates my dictation from my digital voice recorder.

Cyber Acoustic AC 201

The digital voice recorder is nothing fancy. It's an old Sony ICD-P520 that I purchased three years ago. It uses the old-fashioned microphone in and headset outlines. It is not USB compatible so I could not purchase one of the newer upscale models.

Inexpensive Cyber Acoustic Headset

Because I didn't want something too expensive, I ran to the local office supply store and purchased the Cyber Acoustic headset for about $20 (I should have ordered it online because Amazon is selling them for half that amount). What I like about the headset is that it covers both ears instead of the one-ear headset that I previously had.

I also like the boom microphone. Because of the flexibility of the microphone arm, I can properly adjust the microphone to get the best voice recognition quality for my digital recorder. After using my new headset, I realized that my old microphone quality must not have been too good because I needed to do extensive editing once the voice recognition transcribed my dictation. With my new Cyber Acoustic headset, it's either the quality of the headset or the microphone position but I find that that the voice recognition software is picking up my voice dictation more accurately.

Cyber Acoustic Headset: Improved Transcription Accuracy


My old transcription accuracy rate was so bad that I had stopped using the digital voice recorder because I thought there was a problem with the connection between the voice recorder and the software. I was ready to spend an additional $150 to upgrade my voice recognition software. However, with the purchase of my $20 Cyber Acoustic headset, I no longer needed to upgrade the software. Well, at least I didn't have to upgrade the software in order to get a more accurate transcription from my digital voice recorder. Not upgrading the software saved me a bundle.

If you're looking for an inexpensive, high-quality headset for dictating and transcribing, the Cyber Acoustic headset is the way to go

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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