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Working to Get the Job Done8/21/23 Update: I'm still working on transferring the content from my other site. The articles listed below without links haven't been transferred yet. You can always read them over at the iPads and Me site until they're transferred.


8/13/23Grandma Bought an iPad Mini
2/24/23Apple Watch Protective Cases
1/23/23iPad - External Monitor Support Quirks
10/7/22How to Get the Perfect Apple Pen Writing Resistance
10/2/22How to Change the iPad's Mouse Pointer Color
1/13/22PC to iPad: A Year in Review
1/6/22Is Paperlike Really Worth It?
11/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 3)
11/22/21iPad: Corrupt Media Files Solution Workaround
10/30/21Corrupt Files using iPad and External Hard Drive: SOLVED Not Solved!
8/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 2)
7/17/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 1)
12/18/20My First iPad


10/5/20Using Bluetooth to Transfer Files between Windows Computers
9/11/20Beelink U57 - Downsizing to a Mini PC
8/31/20Win + G to Record Your Screen
12/29/17My Experience with the Microsoft Red Screen Scam
4/15/16Removing Dell Computer Bloatware
1/22/15EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review
12/15/14Backing Up Software Profiles
12/11/14More Technological Woes
12/8/14Technological Comedy of Errors: Backup, Reformat, Lose Data, Restore


Amazon Tablets
2/18/23Repurposing an Old Amazon Fire Tablet
4/21/19My Amazon Fire HD Tablet Stopped Charging
12/3/18Grandma Bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Keyboards, Monitors, Stands, Mice, etc.

Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, etc.
8/30/23Grandma Reviews the Arteck HB066 Mini Keyboard
6/22/23Good Bye Logitech Combo Touch - Hello Arteck iPad Case
5/7/23Printing on the Go with Munbyn Portable Thermal Printer
4/11/23Why I Bought the MACALLY Numeric Keypad
4/9/23Clamp-On Monitor iPad Stands for Small Desks
11/24/22Logitech K780 Keyboard: Let's Talk About It
2/10/22Logitech Combo Touch vs. Magic Keyboard
6/28/21Mobile Devices: Stands, Sticks, Holders and Mounts
9/23/20Grandma Reviews the iClever Mini Keyboard
9/14/20Grandma Reviews Zissu's Portable Monitor
9/11/20Grandma Reviews the Samsers Mini Keyboard
12/10/18Logitech MK320 Keyboard Now Meets All My Needs
11/9/17Silicone Keyboards - Are They Good for Typing?
1/26/15Dvorak Keyboard for Brain Plasticity
4/15/11Logitech M305 Portable Mouse
4/12/11Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB Headset

Other Stuff

Other Stuff
2/24/22Grandma Receives a Ransom Email
1/25/22Typing Speed - Let's Improve It!
1/20/22How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS and Android Devices
12/10/21How to Access Your PlayStation Console Remotely
5/21/21Turn Your Old Phone into a Mobile Hotspot
2/28/21Grandma Buys A Chromebook
10/7/20 Jackery for Powering Technology during Power Outages
4/13/20Mouse Mover - The Remote Worker's Assistant
4/5/20COVID-19 Working from Home and Google Mesh WiFi
1/21/19Recent Security Breach - Was Your Info Included?
1/23/18Internet Speed - How Much Do You Really Need?
7/8/16Mouse Over Email LInks to Help Prevent being Scammed
3/11/16How to Convert the Evenflo Exersaucer into Stage 3
8/8/15Reprogramming Keyless Entry for a Ford Freestar without Factory Set Code
12/13/11Simple Trick to Get the Kodak PlaySport Camera Battery to Charge
12/3/11Kodak Play Sport Camera Review
4/23/13Cell Phone Radiation

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