How to Perform Simple Arithmetic in Word 2003

Published October 21, 2010

There are times when you need to perform a simple mathematical equation in Word, but you just don't want to get up from your computer to locate your calculator. Even worse, you don't want to take the time to search through your desktop for the Calculator software program. Fortunately, Word 2003 has a simple and easy to use function called Tools Calculate that allows you to correctly calculate a series of numbers right within the Word interface.

Word 2003

Word 2003 doesn't care whether the numbers are listed horizontally or vertically. The Tools Calculate function can easily add a long series of numbers with pinpoint accuracy in a matter of seconds.

Adding Tools Calculate to the Word 2003 Toolbar

To activate Tools Calculate, you first have to add the menu item to the toolbar. To accomplish this double click on an unoccupied spot on the menu toolbar. Or, you can select "Customize" from the "Tools" menu.

Under the Commands tab go to the Categories list and scroll down until you see All Commands. Select "All Commands" which will change the menu options in the Commands box.

Scroll down the listing in the Commands list box until you see "ToolsCalculate." Drag and drop the ToolsCalculate command onto your menu toolbar and then close the Customize window.

Adding Numbers in Word 2003

Now is when the fun begins. To add numbers using the Tools Calculate feature, type a few numbers in your document. Horizontally listed numbers can be separated by a space, semi-colon, colon, pipe (vertical slash) or comma. Vertically listed numbers do not require separators.

After listing the series of numbers, highlight them and click "Tools Calculate." The sum of the numbers will appear in the Word 2003 taskbar at the bottom of the window. Word simultaneously displays the sum in the taskbar and pastes the total to the clipboard. Therefore, if you want to display the sum total in the document, all you have to do is place the cursor in the spot where you want the sum to appear and press "Paste" (Ctrl+V).

Other Mathematical Calculations

Word 2003's Total Calculate function isn't limited to addition only. By using operators such as (-) subtract, (*) multiply and (/) divide you can perform basic arithmetical functions right within the Word document

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