Eclipse Crossword Puzzle Maker: Create Crosswords for Free

Published May 15, 2007

Parents, teachers and students alike can have a lot of fun creating free crossword puzzles with Eclipse Crossword Puzzle Maker.  These crossword puzzles can be used interactively online or printed on paper. The software is free and it takes about 15 minutes to create a simple puzzle (depending on the puzzle's size and complexity).

Creating an Eclipse Crossword Puzzle

  1. Visit and click on the download link for your free copy of Eclipse Crossword software.

  2. Install the software, open the program, select "I would like to start new crossword puzzle" and click "Next." Since this is the first time you're using the Eclipse Crossword Puzzle program, starting a new puzzle is the only option that makes sense. Once you've created a crossword puzzle or two, you have the option to open a crossword puzzle you previously saved.

  3. crosswordName the crossword. Since you'll no doubt create more than one crossword puzzle with Eclipse (it gets a bit addicting), you need to name each one. You also get to insert your name and copyright information if you would like it to appear on the puzzle. Click "Next."

  4. Select the puzzle size. You get to decide how wide or tall the crossword puzzle should be. Click "Next" and Eclipse Crossword Puzzle Maker will create the crossword puzzle for you. If you don't like the way the words are arranged, you force the software to come up with another configuration until you have a layout that pleases you. Once you find your configuration click next.

  5. Save the crossword puzzle to the output of choice. You can print it and save it as a web page so that you can post it online or publish it. Publishing it means you can export the clues and grid to a .txt, .rtf, .wmf or eps file.

  6. Test your crossword puzzle.

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